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A guide to sessions with Katie Rose Newborns

I love photographing new babies. The time between birth and the real world is precious and it goes by in a flash. It’s my goal to capture that time and all the emotions that go with it so you can revisit it any time you want as your baby grows into a full blown kid and your newborn seems to fade further and further into your memory. I’ve created this guide to walk you through a newborn session from beginning to end and hopefully answer any questions you may have. 

What do you offer?



Lifestyle newborn sessions are done in-home or in studio and intended to capture life with your new family just as it is! I want to capture the way you can't take your eyes off your new baby, how you study each feature. The gentle touch on their impossibly soft cheeks. The way they fit perfectly in the crook of your neck. Your partner in total awe as they snuggle your new little one. Every little detail that makes brand new babies special: wrinkly knees, downy newborn hair, the way their tiny hands can barely wrap around your finger. I will also take traditional posed photos of the baby. 


Although both studio and in-home sessions will focus on these intimate moments together, in-home sessions also give us the opportunity to capture details about your space during this special time, including the nursery! 


Maternity sessions are offered in-home, outdoors, or in the studio. For these sessions we will do a mixture of lifestyle and traditional poses. I'm looking to capture the anticipation and excitement of pregnancy from everyone involved: you, your partner, your other children, and whoever else you consider to be part of your "village". I hope you will be able to look back on these photos and appreciate your amazing changing body as it is growing your baby.

Maternity photos are best taken in between the 28-34th week of pregnancy. This is when your belly typically looks the "most pregnant" and when you are still feeling active and able to participate comfortably in a photo session

How do I book? 

1. Inquire

Reach out to me as soon as you know your due date! I book months in advance and I only take a few sessions per month to ensure that I am able to give my full attention to each shoot. 

2. Reserve

I will send you a newborn shoot contract as well as an invoice for your $100 retainer, which reserves your spot on my calendar. The retainer is applied to the full cost of the shoot, with the remainder due before the day of the shoot. 

3. Plan

We will chat about your vision for your newborn shoot. Do you have an inspiration photos that are really speaking to you? Any colors, special props, or ideas that you love? We will also talk about what to wear for both you, your partner, and your baby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical session look like? 

About a month before your due date, I will send you a questionnaire to get to know your family better. The questionnaire will ask you questions about who will be at the shoot, their ages, if they have any preferences or sensitive or scheduling/timing issues, such as a nap or a job they need to get back to. I’ll ask about your home - where you live, what the light is like, if you have a nursery set up and if so, what is the theme/color scheme? There will be a section devoting to just getting to know you in general so we can start to build up a rapport before I ever arrive. 


On the day of the shoot, I will arrive and set up my things. Photos are best with little babies if theyre sleepy and well fed, so before I arrive I’ll ask that you try your best to keep them awake and give them a big feed right before I arrive. If baby doesn’t want to cooperate, that’s ok! We will take time out to make sure they’re comfortable before we start. Depending on your questionnaire answers, we will either start with posed pictures or dive right into your lifestyle shots. 


For posed shots, I will set up extra lighting if I need it, and pick a basket or two, swaddles, outfits, and blankets. I’ll spend around 20-30 minutes setting up each pose, making sure that I’m being slow, safe, and deliberate while posing your fragile newborn! During this time, you can relax! You’re welcome to watch, lie down, or even take a shower. For many moms, this part of the shoot is something of a break. 


When I’ve got what I need I’ll pack up, move put everything I’ve moved back where I found it and make sure everything is tidied - often I leave your space better than I found it. 

When should my session take place? 

That depends! For the squishiest, sleepiest newborn photos the idea time frame is within ten days - two weeks after birth. This is when the baby is most posable and least sensitive to distractions. After two weeks your session will consist of more candid lifestyle photographs. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as if your baby was born prematurely and needed to spend time in the NICU. 

Maternity sessions are best between 28-34 weeks or after your belly "pops" while you are still feeling energetic! 

What should we wear? 

You should wear comfortable clothes, first and foremost. Your body is still healing and this time in your life is about the connection between you and your baby, not about looking fancy! 


Wear neutral, light colors: creams, grays, whites, tans, and taupes photograph really well and will make for timeless photographs. Avoid loud patterns, logos, graphic tees, and saturated or neon colors. Your family doesn’t need to match, but it’s a good idea to lay out your outfits side-by-side to make sure they compliment one another! 


Have your baby in a simple, neutral colored onesie to start with. I have some outfits and lots of different colors of swaddles to bring that we can use! I also come with lots of accessories: bows, bonnets, hats, and blankets. 

Should we do in-home or studio?  

The benefits to in-home sessions are many - everyone is comfortable, you don’t have to pack up you and the baby while they’re brand new and you’re still healing, and we can photograph all the unique details of your space including baby’s nursery. But if you are worried about whether or not your house has adequate natural light or space, the studio is a great alternative. You may also just prefer the bright and airy look of the studio! Either way you will receive lifestyle and posed pictures of the baby. One is not better than the other - they are just different! 

Does my house need to be magazine worthy? 

No! In fact, I don't expect it to be perfect at all. I've had three babies and I know how it is in the weeks after birth. I want you to worry about bonding with your baby, not perfecting your house for me! I'll spend some time walking around your home when I arrive to decide what are the best angles and most flattering spaces to photograph you. Then I will arrange your space how it needs to be to capture your family in the best light if I need to. This might include opening curtains or blinds, moving or rotating furniture, or nudging a table to the side so I can stand in the best place.

When we're done, I'll be sure to put your things back exactly as I found them. I try to leave your space the same or even better condition than when I arrived. 

What will you bring to our session? 

If you have an in-home session, your questionnaire will ask you to describe your preferred aesthetic/styling for your shoot. You can talk about your favorite colors, patterns, and themes and try to incorporate them into your session. You can tell me about what the nursery looks like and if you have any special props or items you’d like to incorporate. I will bring items from my stash that match that aesthetic: swaddles, blankets, baskets, bows, etc.

I will also bring some extra portable lighting in case we need it, a small reflector, and a space heater to keep baby warm and happy. 

What happens after my session? 

1-2 days after: I will post sneak peek images on all of my social media outlets. If we are friends (and I hope we are!), I'll tag you! 

3-4 weeks after: I will deliver your edited images to your online viewing gallery. I typically deliver anywhere from 80-120 images. The exact number of images depends on how many babies there are, how old the baby is, whether there are siblings present and how old the siblings are, and baby’s mood.

Ready to book? Have more questions?

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