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Hi, I’m Kate! I’m a wife to an airline pilot, mama to three human babies and one dopey golden retriever, a creative who can’t ever be without a project of some kind, and a maternity and newborn photographer in St. Louis, Missouri with over ten years of experience. 


The weeks before and  after your baby is born are a precious time that will pass you by in the blink of an eye, a blur of diapers, sleepy feedings at three am, your healing body, and of course the monumental task of transforming into a parent and the growing pains that any new family experiences. My goal is to capture the unique sweetness of those weeks so you can be transported back to them later on. When your baby is learning to walk, you can look at your photos and remember how they fit exactly in the crook of your neck. When you’re sitting in the carline on their first day of school, you can look back and remember how soft their hair was and the glorious, perfect “new baby” smell. When life is chaotic and messy once again, you can remind yourself of the beautiful stillness of having a brand new baby. You will forget the details, but you don’t have to! 


I can’t wait to tell the story of your first moments as a new family. Maybe you’re just becoming parents for the first time, or your older children are becoming big sisters and brothers. Maybe yours is a story of patience and waiting with the sweet reward of adoption or successful fertility treatments at the conclusion? Maybe you’re a single parent and it’s just you and your mini against the world. Maybe your baby is a long-awaited rainbow. Whatever the story of your family is, I want to capture it in it’s very first chapter. 

newborn baby with dad

My husband with our first baby on our first day home. One of my favorite - and first - newborn photos that I've taken!

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